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Parqer - Cashless Parking

Cashless payments. Game day logistics.

From valet parking to fan tailgating, Parqer helps teams and stadiums improve the fan experience through cashless convenience. Our payment transactions speed up traffic flow, getting fans into the lots quickly and eliminating bottlenecks.  And by partnering with Parqer, you learn more about your fans and can better engage with them - even in the offseason. 

Turn Cash Lots
Into Cashless Lots

Our secure software-based solution lets you accept cashless payments without expensive and inefficient equipment. Using our app, fans simply select their parking lot, enter their license plate number, and confirm payment. Upon arrival, fans present their receipt to the attendant and are waved into the lot. And when fans pay with Parqer, there's no need to mess with cash and make change.  Traffic flow speeds up, and your fans are out of their cars and into the stadium faster.

Better Logistics
Better Accounting

Parqer won't disrupt your game day procedures. Your operations run smoother than ever. By giving fans the option of paying with Parqer, you cut down on the amount of loose cash in your parking lots.  Real-time payment history and post-game reports improve your accounting processes. And forget having to count and deposit cash - your payments are quickly wired straight to your bank.

Know Your Fans
Promote Your Team

With access to your fans' parking history, you now know which games and events they attend. Reward loyalty or engage lapsed fans with tailored promotions. Target exactly whom you want based on how frequently they attend. Add promotions and game day discounts to your fans' confirmation receipts and drive increased concessions and merchandise sales in the stadium. 

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