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Parqer - Cashless Valet Parking

Parqer lets users pay for valet parking with cashless mobile payments from their mobile phone. Download now in the App Store and Google Play.

No fees - No commitments
Fast and easy setup

Parqer's pricing is simple: free. We charge your customers a small convenience fee (no more than $1)
and save them the hassle of finding cash - making their experience a much better one.

Getting started with Parqer is fast and easy - and requires no long-term contracts.


Increased Revenues

You'll keep more of your profits and lose less on the ground. Parqer users also tip higher than cash customers.  

Higher Security

We're committed to security. That's why we partnered with Stripe for PCI-compliant transactions. 

Faster Transactions

Since customers can use Parqer wherever they are, your employees don't waste time tapping and swiping.


Better Customers

With access to your customers' parking history, you can provide a personal touch. Make your guests feel like VIPs.


Expanded Promotion

When you sign up, we include you and your clients in the Parqer network. Expand your reach and use promotions to drive traffic.


Detailed Tracking

Real-time access to transaction reports lets owners monitor traffic flow, track each payment by ticket number, and minimize theft.


We make payments convenient and cashless


Location Based System

Upon opening the app, customers see a list of all nearby locations accepting Parqer, organized by proximity.

Your customers can conveniently pay from anywhere - their table, the bar, at the curbstand - wherever!

Maps, Directions, and More

Before starting the checkout process, your customers can get directions to your location and check out a business description.

Through Parqer, your clients can promote their business, attract new customers, and direct people to social media pages.

Fast and Simple Checkout

Parqer makes payments quick and easy, helping you bring better customer service to your operations.

Users can review all charges, and while we suggest an amount, customers are always free to tip what they want.

Ticket numbers help Parqer - and you - better track transactions at your business. Reconcile payments using our dashboard or through emailed reports.


Customized Receipts

Customers simply bring their ticket and present their confirmation screens at the curbstand. 

Because the transaction happens on the customer's phone, your employees spend their time being drivers - not cashiers.

And because we email receipts to your customers, we help make business reimbursements for parking easy.



Get answers fast

Help from Parqer is always just a click away.  Contact support anytime for assistance.


Run your operations efficiently

Sign in to your web dashboard and manage your business anywhere.  Track payment activity, adjust parking rates by the hour, monitor traffic flow, and customize your digital receipts with your business logo.